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Custom Aquarium Screensaver You can custom-create your aquarium in any way you wish by moving the 3D plants. You can choose from a wide selection of underwater plants and tropical fish to decorate your virtual fish tank. You will be provided with fish food which should be fed to fish that swim around in your aquarium. Charming transparent bubbles flowing on the screen, you can replace bubbles num and sound. This aquarium screensaver allows you to select 25 type of fish you want to include in the tank which allows up to 50 fish to be in the tank at one time. This virtual tank has many aquarium decorative items witch includes saltwater aquarium plants, freshwater aquarium plants and Aquarium pebbles. These virtual fish and plants use realistic 3D fish models and realistic 3D plants models, like real fish and real plants. Gradient background and foreground is a tool that allows you to easily create a color gradient that matches your aquarium needs.

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